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The 9 Supplements And
the One "Anti-Supplement"
Everyone (Really) Needs


PillsIf you have ever taken a supplement to eliminate pain or protect yourself against some ill or disease, then you have probably bought into the idea that your body is deficient in some vitamin, mineral, or nurtient... and that... taking a supplement will boost your body's deficiency and make the problem go away.

That's what the first part of this article is about. The most common nutritional deficiencies among people today and which supplements fill those voids.

But there's another part of the story, that is far more important, and a much bigger threat to your IMMEDIATE health and happiness.

You see, after running one of the largest pain relief websites on the internet for over a decade (with - at last count - reaching over half a million people in 126 countries) I've discovered that while deficiencies will harm you in the long run... EXCESS waste trapped in your joints... muscles... and every organ can make your life a living hell right now.

Just like a TINY splinter stuck under your skin is a BIG NUISANCE...small irritants in other parts of your body cause pain and wreak havoc too!

StiffIf they build up in your joints, they'll feel stiff, swollen, and ache constantly (and you'll feel sharp shocks of pain when you bend that joint). When they pool in muscles, you'll experience low level aches and a descreased range of motion. They can infect your internal organs too, with much more disastrous effects.

And that's what the second part of this article is about...

How a certain "anti-supplement" takes away what your body DOESN'T need (unlike a regular supplement which just gives your body what it is missing).

Before you get ahead of yourself, I'm not talking about a colon cleanse that flushes out your bowels... or... any other sort of digestive support product. No, what this is about is the scar tissue, waste, toxins, foreign matter, and other small irritants stuck in every nook and cranny in your body (and how to get rid of them).

I'll circle back to that in a moment. But first, you'll discover:

  • The single most valuable piece of health advice I ever received (from my friend's dad during my first fishing trip). Everyone I've seen who ignores this spends their entire life either in pain or sick and suffering.

  • 3 Supplements that help your body extract maximum nutrition from the food and supplements you already consume.

  • How I helped a kid who was chronically sick for 6 months get better in 2 weeks.

  • The heart saving supplement that costs 30 cents a serving (90% of Americans don't get enough).

  • How to cure "post lunch coma" when you eat too much food.

  • The two tests I use to see which vitamins and minerals I need most (follow this advice and you'll never waste money on supplements that you don't need).

  • And finally, the little known "anti-supplement" that eliminates small irritants that lead to pain, sickness and disease.

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