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Send Me Full Body Sleeper DeepHeat
for Maximum Pain Relief!

YES! I want to experience 20 times more heat and healing than traditional heating pads. I understand far infrared rays from DeepHeat penetrate up to 2 inches below the surface of my skin, whereas traditional heating pads warm just the top 1/10th of my inch of my skin.

Send me the Full Body model for 360 degree targeted joint therapy. All DeepHeat pads are 110V and 250V compatible (so I can use them at home or abroad)... do not emit ‘harmful’ and ‘electromagnetic’ fields... and can also be thrown in the freezer and used as a cool wrap.


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    Dr. Clarks Deep Heat - Far Infrared Heating Pad - Full Body
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    86% of our customers add this to their order

    Add This Car Adapter to Your Order Today and Save... It Ships Free With Your Order!

    Bring Your Soothing and Healing DeepHeat on the Road When You Add The High Voltage Pure Sine Wave Portable Power Converter

    • Use your DeepHeat Far Infrared Heating Pad on the road.
    • Plugs into any standard car power outlet* DC12 to AC110V with 300 watts.
    • Two standards US power outlets built in.
    • Two USB ports built in so you can also charge your phone and other devices.


    Important: *If you would like to use your Heating Pad in your car, it is required that you only use this specific type of inverter: "Pure Sine Wave Car Inverter DC12 to AC110V with power 300 watts."

    Please note that the guarantee along with the manufacturer warranty will be made void and invalid if the heating pad is damaged due to the use of any converter other than a "Pure Sine Wave Car Inverter DC12 to AC110V with power 300 watts."

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    You are FULLY protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return your order within 90 days and get your money back, less shipping. Your returned product must be sent back in its original packaging and in like new condition with all parts and pieces.

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    INTERNATIONAL: 240-780-5977

    What You Get Today:

    • At almost six feet long, it's the next best thing to slipping into a hot tub.
    • 429 Heating stones ensure even far infrared heat distrubution (but are small enough to not create pressure points).
    • Automatic shutoff (so you can fall asleep on the pad and not worry about it running all night).
    • 90 Day 100% Money back Guarantee


    “Jesse, I've had one of these pads for about nine months, use it every day, and just love it.”

    Mary Peck Verified Customer Since 2014

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.

    “...After doing your exercises for sciatica, and using the Rub On Relief® and DeapHeat religiously, the pain is gone. If it acts up again I just pull out the heating pad and do my exercises.”

    Robin Verified Customer Since 2012

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.

    “I was truly amazed at the ease of ordering and prompt delivery. I believe thos to be probably the best overall lose the back pain program in the city.”

    Madie Colbert

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.

    “Customer service was prompt, courteous and very helpful even though the problem was caused by my mistake.”

    Cathi Sempress
    San Francisco, CA

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.