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Send Me The Mini DeepHeat for Maximum Pain Relief!

YES! I want to experience 20 times more heat and healing than traditional heating pads. I understand far infrared rays from DeepHeat penetrate up to 2 inches below the surface of my skin, whereas traditional heating pads warm just the top 1/10th of my inch of my skin.

Send me the space saving Small model. . All DeepHeat pads are 110V and 250V compatible (so I can use them at home or abroad)... do not emit ‘harmful’ and ‘electromagnetic’ fields... and can also be thrown in the freezer and used as a cool wrap.


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    Dr.Clarks Deep Heat - Far Infrared Heating Pad - Small
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    PHONE: 800-216-4908
    INTERNATIONAL: 240-780-5977

    What You Get Today:

    • Stays Snug While You Move - The included, 4 inch wide velcro straps can snugly attach the mini to your arm, leg, shoulder, or lower back(staying firmly in the place to sore joints).
    • Heating stones hold for hours so you don't have to stay "plugged into" a wall outlet (great for those on the go).
    • 90 Day 100% Money back Guarantee


    “I think it's a great value and an excelently organized self-help process... practical and well produced.”

    Ed Filbert
    United Kingdom

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    “I was truly amazed at the ease of ordering and prompt delivery. I believe this to be probably the best overall lose the back pain program in the country.”

    Madie Colbert

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    “Customer service was prompt, courteous and very helpful even though the problem was caused by my mistake.”

    Cathi Sempress
    San Francisco, CA

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.