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Send Me The Mini DeepHeat for Maximum Pain Relief!

YES! I want to experience 20 times more heat and healing than traditional heating pads. I understand far infrared rays from DeepHeatpenetrate up to 1.5 inches below the surface of my skin, whereas traditional heating pads warm just the top 1/10th of my inch of my skin.

Send me the space saving Small model. Unlike ordinary heating pads, our FIR heating pads have been designed specifically to minimize harmful electromagnetic fields as much as possible.


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    Dr.Clarks Deep Heat - Far Infrared Heating Pad - Small
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    INTERNATIONAL: 240-780-5977

    What You Get Today:

    • Stays Snug While You Move - The included, 4 inch wide velcro straps can snugly attach the mini to your arm, leg, shoulder, or lower back(staying firmly in the place to sore joints).
    • Heating stones hold for hours so you don't have to stay "plugged into" a wall outlet (great for those on the go).
    • 90 Day 100% Money back Guarantee


    “I think it's a great value and an excelently organized self-help process... practical and well produced.”

    Ed Filbert
    United Kingdom

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.

    “I was truly amazed at the ease of ordering and prompt delivery. I believe this to be probably the best overall lose the back pain program in the country.”

    Madie Colbert

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.

    “Customer service was prompt, courteous and very helpful even though the problem was caused by my mistake.”

    Cathi Sempress
    San Francisco, CA

    Disclaimer: Individual results and experiences may vary.