Health News - December 4, 2023
The Vitamin C Conspiracy
The shameless swindle behind why you aren't getting
the health and healing benefits of Vitamin C

If you supplement with Vitamin C, go grab the bottle right now.

Because 99% of Vitamin C sold today is not the real thing. And you can find the deception printed right on the nutritional label.

If this imposter is sitting in your medical cabinet, it explains...

Why You Haven't Had Your Vitamin C Miracle Yet!

There's no debating Vitamin C may be the single most VALUABLE nutrient on the planet.


Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling claimed it fought off everything from the common cold to cancer. Today, government officials recommend everyone get a minimum amount every single day. And numerous studies from prestigious institutions like Harvard, Yale, etc. prove Vitamin C...

Protects your heart, your brain, and your muscles...

Insulates you from deadly free radicals that make you old and sick before your time...

Provide the abundant energy your cells need to repair themselves and reproduce normally...

And supercharges your immunity, promotes eye health, and ends sleep problems!

Lack of Vitamin C Still Kills!

Have you ever heard of scurvy?

It's a Vitamin C deficiency. For centuries, it was common among sailors. They'd get tired. Sores would appear on their skin. Their bones would hurt and their teeth would rot. If left unchecked they would die.

Most doctors say scurvy hasn't been a problem for years...

But if you have a loved one with thin hair, spots on their skin, open sores, or cuts easily, give them Vitamin C and watch how quickly they heal.

Just make sure it's not the kind you find on most store shelves, because...

Most Vitamin C Sold in Stores isn't “Real” Vitamin C!
Ascorbic Acid

Did you grab your bottle of Vitamin C?

Look on the nutrition label and you'll probably see the words, “Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid).”

Do you know what ascorbic acid is?

Well, it is NOT vitamin C. In fact, it is just ONE of the many nutrients that make up the complete Vitamin C molecule.

Think of the complete Vitamin C (well, ANY vitamin really) molecule as an egg. If all of those other nutrients make up the yolk and the egg whites, ascorbic acid would just be the shell surrounding it.

The complete Vitamin C molecule contains P, K, and J factors, the tyrosinase enzyme, at least 14 known bioflavonoids, various ascorbagens, five copper ions, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and yes, ascorbic acid.

If you're just getting ascorbic acid when you buy Vitamin C...

You're Being Sold a Fake!

You'd be OUTRAGED if this happened with any other purchase.

It's like ripping open a bag of chunky chocolate chip cookies and finding they forgot to add the chocolate!

Wouldn't that be a bummer?

Yet, for various reasons food, drink, and supplement manufacturers are allowed to slip ascorbic acid into their products and call it Vitamin C.

Buy this and you're not getting the Vitamin C (or the healthy results) you are paying for.

Why Ascorbic Acid Hurts Instead of Heals

There is a sneaky reason why ascorbic acid is so dangerous.

You see, your body uses a “lock and key” system to use nutrients. The “lock” is called a receptor. Nutrients act as a “key” that fits inside this “lock”. Once the “key” goes into the “lock” (the nutrient goes into the receptor) the nutrients are released and go to work healing your body.

But there are only so many receptors. If the Vitamin C receptors are clogged up with ascorbic acid, the Vitamin C in your diet can't be absorbed by your body. It passes through unused.

This is why high doses of ascorbic acid (the Fake Vitamin C) can actually cause...

...A Vitamin C Deficiency!

Remember the egg example above?

Well, if your receptors are filled up with with ascorbic acid (the shell) and not the whole Vitamin C (the shell, yolk, and egg whites) you don't get the nutrients your body needs to heal.

This leads to a deficiency, which explains why you haven't felt all of the health benefits of Vitamin C.

More Imposters

The conspiracy doesn't end with Vitamin C.

Think Vitamin E is good for you?

In one study, Vitamin E-deficient laboratory animals fed mixed tocopherols (which are just ONE part of the total Vitamin E molecule) died sooner than control animals who received no vitamin at all.

What about Vitamin A? Not if it says as beta carotene (again, just one part of the total Vitamin A molecule). Beta carotene has been shown to increase risk of birth defects.

B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin K...the list goes on. And on the next page you'll learn about the biggest imposter of all!

You've been told it keeps your heart ticking and your blood vessels strong...keeps your skin supple...and skeleton sturdy.

But new research shows it does the exact opposite! Causing heart attacks, cancer, and more broken bones!

And since this has been slipped into nearly every consumable in the food chain, there is no question you have a dangerous excess building inside of you. It's a ticking time bomb waiting to sabotage your health. You'll find out exactly what it is on the first sentence of the next page...

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